Venton’s Devon Cyder, Our History

Devon cider has been made in the traditional way from our orchards for over 100 years that we know of and looking at the old local m aps, probably much longer than that. Our orchards are well balanced and were well thought out by the “ old school cidermaker’s “ who planted them all those years ago. Their knowledge was rarely documented but now lives on in the tree’s we harvest and graft new trees from.

The famous Whiteway’s Devon Cyder Company were based 2 miles from us and for nearly a century, the orchards surrounding us were nurtured and used to make their cider. After the Whiteway’s era, many of the orchards, including our own became redundant for many years but have now, thankfully found a new lease of life due to the renewed interest in “ Real Cyder “.

Our methods of producing cider are as traditional as they get in Devon. Devon cider apples, natural yeast from the apples and orchards, a crusher, a twin screw oak press, barley straw and oak barrels are all that we use, just as they did when cider was made to supply farm’s and their workers over the centuries.

Inspired by the history and heritage of where we live, our aim is to consistently make cider that our predecessors would have been proud of. Venton’s Devon Cyder is based on a local history which we want to ensure plays a part in the future.