Ventons Cider Making

Natures offering in terms of availability, quantity & quality of apples, natural sugar content, temperature & air pressure for fermenting changes year on year, even weekly, but we have learned to work with it to make the best of what nature has to offer at the time, not only each year, but on each press & beyond.

Our cider is fermented from the whole apple juice of locally sourced & unsprayed vintage cider apples, with no additions, relying purely on natural yeasts present in the apples & our cider barn to ferment the natural sugars. The speed & type of fermentation & end product is determined by many natural factors.

We blend our cider apples at pressing time to get the balance of acid & tannin right but also blend our fermented cider at a later stage if needed to achieve what we want.

Our naturally sweet keeved cider ( Normandy Style ) is usually made later on in the season when the air temperature is lower. There is no set plan for each oak barrel when you work with nature.

The content of each oak barrel is unique when you make it naturally so we go for a consistent quality rather than a consistent flavour. Every barrel is unique, every time.

Three factors are important. Keeping things clean, using the right apples at the right time and keeping air off the cider. Making cider this way, with natural yeast creates a complex flavour & aroma you will not find in mass produced commercial cider.